The objective of this project is two-fold with both organisational and artistic objectives. The organizational objective is to strengthen informal relations between sign language theatre houses with a structured learning process. This part explores how to learn from each other when it comes to production planning, co-production, audience development and more.

The artistic objective of the project is centred on the artistic challenges and the use of International Sign in Deaf performing arts. For this part we engage in an explorative process in which we are establishing an International Sign Dramaturgy.

These objectives go together with an outlook on the conditions of Deaf performing arts.

Through mapping the culture policy and the deaf community in the different partner countries, comparisons and insights will be shared. Underlying is the assumption that there is a need to create better conditions not only nationally but on a European and international level. One such activity is to join the European Platform for the promotion of emerging deaf and disabled artists, Escalate, to further strengthen deaf artists.

What we do

  • Strengthen each partner through capacity development regarding co-production, audience engagement and organisational skills. 
  • Establish a dramaturge function that will translate existing productions into international sign. 
  • Meet the audience with “Signings” through a unique production from each partner.

The project will show results from the five “Signings” during the Clin d’Oeil festival 2022, present the findings of the project and invite new partners to this network. The ambition is to continue this work in a larger scale with more partners and performances that can be toured around Europe.