Kiss of the Spider Woman

Production: Teater Manu (Norway)

The perfomances times in Reims:
Group A: Sunday 14:15-15:30
Group B: Saturday 15:45-17:00
Group C: Saturday 13:00-14:15
Group D: Sunday 11:30-12:45

In a prison cell we meet two people – the political prisoner Valentin, and Molina, a transgendered woman convicted of indecent behaviour with a minor. Both have their prejudices against each other, and conflicts quickly arise in the cell. But when Molina retells the story of their favourite films to Valentin, a temporary escape from prison is created. Society’s influences slowly disappear and a tender friendship forms. Simultaneously, the two are surrounded by manipulation, both from the prison director and each other. 

The play is based on Manuel Puig’s novel of the same name, and the Oscar-winning film Kiss of the Spiderwoman (1985). Bentein Baardson, the director of both The Fidget (2015) and Crying Hands (2018) is back at Teater Manu for his 10th production. Through video projections the sparse cell is transformed into Molina’s dream world, and Baardson brings us a reality marked by battles, resistance, dreams, and illusions. 

Kiss of the Spiderwoman is performed in International Sign with Ronny Patrick Jacobsen and Bülent Yalcin in the lead roles. Voice actress Kjersti Fjeldstad performs the story in English.

With Ronny Patrick JacobsenBülent Yalcin Voice actress Kjersti Fjeldstad

By Manuel Puig Director Bentein Baardson Dramaturge Bodil Kvamme Set Design & lighting Torkel Skjærven Videodesign Åsmund Bøe Music Erik Hedin Costume Ingrid Nylander Makeup Therese Lia Props Gøril Rostad Consultant Sølvi Zuckermann

Duration 70 min