Riksteatern Crea

Riksteatern Crea is a pioneer in the production of groundbreaking dramatic art in Swedish Sign Language. Ever since the start in 1970, Crea have offered a unique selection of dramatic arts, seminars and meetings. Riksteatern Crea has been part of Riksteatern since 1977. Riksteatern Crea is constantly striving to challenge ingrained notions within theatre and other dramatic arts. They aim to push the boundaries and at the same time provide a fixed point for the sign-language audience. Watching a Riksteatern Crea performance should be like coming home for their audience.

Riksteatern Crea’s vision is to create the very best dramatic art in Swedish Sign Language, with and by artists and cultural performers who are deaf and members of the sign-language community. They also work constantly to improve our collaboration with international interest organizations and theatres. Today’s selection of dramatic arts in sign language is devastatingly thin. For that reason, Riksteatern Crea is playing an invaluable role. We will keep using the dramatic arts to reflect, influence, impact and change.

Teater Manu

Teater Manu (TM) is a Norwegian, national touring theatre focusing on stage arts using sign language, Norwegian and International Sign. The theatre has its core in the deaf culture and the sign language community. The theatre’s is located in Oslo. As of 2000, Mira Zuckermann is the artistic director. The theatre was founded by the Norwegian Union of the Deaf in 2003, but the “date of birth” is considered to be 2001, when the Norwegian Parliament decided to fund the theatre. The theatre’s strategy document states that TM is the only professional theatre based on deaf people’s culture and environment. TM is funded by a fixed post on Norway’s national budget plan, and is governed by a board named by the Norwegian Union of the Deaf and the Norwegian Ministry of Culture. For special projects the theatre apply for support from private foundations. TM has seven employees and produce 2-3 productions every year.


Nestled in the heart of Paris, IVT is directed by Emmanuelle Laborit and Jennifer Lesage-David. It is a space for exchange, meeting and discovery for deaf and hearing, bringing together a theater, a training center and a publishing house.

These three poles are intimately linked in a common mission of transmission and dissemination of sign language and its culture. The articulation of the theater with the teaching of the LSF makes it possible to value the richness of the different registers of the language, to have a rich material of work and a unique pedagogy.

IVT is today a unique place in France which, at 40 years of existence, carries a project of development and configuration of a place resource, with for project the digitization of a documentary base and to bring its field of expertise around sign language and deaf and bilingual creation to creators and professionals. This project is essential for the spread of sign language and cultural sharing.


ZFK is a German institution dealing with theater, music and film in the field of deaf culture. The aim is to sensitize the sign language culture, the hearing impaired artists and the community and to enrich the performing arts with the sign language. The ZFK can look back on a 100-year tradition. It was founded as a stage club in 1918. The head office is Potsdam and until 2018 we had a stage in Berlin. Currently being rebuilt. The ZFK is a non-profit organization and finances itself through funding and own funds.

The aim is to promote the linguistic and cultural identity and the promotion of hearing-impaired artists.

Teatteri Totti

Teateri Totti (TeT) is a partner in the project, a non-profit organization and the only professional sign language theatre in Finland. It produces one or two sign language shows annually. Ministry of Education and Culture has financially supported TeT operation since 2006 with the aim of developing theatre in sign language. However, TeT has been active for more than 30 years and was under the cooperation of Finnish Association of the Deaf until 2014. TeT produces performances for different age groups from children to adults as well as middle-aged to senior citizen. The purpose of TeT is to promote sign language theatre and other performing arts in sign language. Sign language users and non-native signers are also welcome to watch since most of the shows are translated into spoken Finnish, sometimes other languages depending on the shows. TeT aim is to be accessible to all and we offer solutions to audience´s needs as for subtitles, interpreters, visually impaired.