Production: ZFK (Germany)

The perfomances times in Reims:
Thursday June 30th 18:00-20:45 (Opening cermony)

About the performance:
It is April 13, 1961 in Berlin. Thirteen years earlier, Germany lost the Second World War to the Allies and Russia.

Since then, Germany has been divided into two parts, including West Berlin and East Berlin…

A few months before the construction of the wall, in August 1961, an innocent young girl goes to her grandparents’ forbidden farm in the border zone to secretly pick the flowers, which are supposed to be the most beautiful in Berlin.

Something happens that deserves to the story to telling.

Script and director by Mathias Schäfer With Anne Zander & Eyk Kauly Production ZfK e.V. – Christina & Uwe Schönfeld

Duration 25 min